Hauck plumbing was started by Edward J. Hauck when he came to Florida to retire in 1974; which he started doing by himself just to pass the time. However the clients had a different idea. So the company grew and Ed had to hire on more help. He called his business Ed Hauck Plumbing. He sold that company to retire yet another time; but the plea from his loyal customers made him continue providing his wonderful service. So Ed decided to start a new plumbing company called "The Original Ed Hauck Plumbing." Which the company was called until his death in March of 2000; at which time the company was sold to his managers, Mark and Robin Walling, who have been the owners till this day. The company is now referred to as "Edward J. Hauck INC." keeping memory of him alive and well. Today it is ran by Mark, Robin and their two children Mark Jr. and Lacy.